Roselyn McCoy

"Welcome and thank you for visiting my space. To those who have journeyed with me, your presence and contributions to my ministry are deeply appreciated, and I am grateful for your support in living out my calling. I am Apostle/Prophetess Roselyn McCoy, a dynamic professional at the intersection of spiritual wisdom and clinical expertise. Grounded in Christian principles, my approach offers a holistic and integrative path to healing and personal growth. I am dedicated to empowering you with a combination of therapeutic techniques and spiritual guidance, and I am recognized for my compassion and respect in both the community and my professional field. As your Christian Counselor, I am here to support your transformative journey. Please feel free to contact me to schedule a session and begin your journey towards a brighter future. Let's walk this path together."


Roselyn McCoy is a highly qualified professional with a rich background in both mental health and pastoral care. Raised in Hookerton, North Carolina, Roselyn now resides in Greenville with her husband, Kelvin McCoy, and their two children. Her roots in a close-knit community have greatly influenced her approach to counseling and ministry.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate (LCSW-A) and Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist Associate (LCAS-A), Roselyn combines her skills in social work and addiction counseling with extensive experience in pastoral care. Having been an ordained minister for twenty-three years and serving in a pastoral role, she continues to bring a unique Christian perspective to her counseling practice, enriching it with ongoing pastoral experiences and insights. Her approach is Christian-based and integrative, acknowledging the individuality of each client. She utilizes a variety of techniques such as Client-Centered Therapy, Solution Focus, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Techniques, and Biblical Counsel. This holistic approach allows her to create tailored treatment plans that leverage her clients' strengths and address their specific challenges. Known for her compassionate and non-judgmental approach, Roselyn treats her clients as equals, taking their concerns seriously throughout the treatment process.

Roselyn is the founder of Stand for All Intl, Ministries Inc., and has a rich history in ministry, including pastoring from 2005 to 2011 and being installed into Apostleship in 2008. Her early ministry work includes hosting the radio broadcast “Stand Strong” on WELS Radio Station in Kinston, NC, and leading a women’s ministry “Women That Are Called to Stand.”

As an accomplished author, Roselyn's poetry has been featured in significant publications. Her poem “The Price You’ll Pay” was published in the International Poetry of Anthology in the year of “2000,
America at the Millennium The best poems and poets of the 20th Century”, and “The Burning Flames” in "Nature's Echoes."

Academically, Roselyn has achieved substantial credentials. She earned an associate degree in Human Service from Pitt Community College in 2014, a bachelor’s degree in social work with a minor in gerontology from East Carolina University in 2018, and a master’s degree in social work and Substance Abuse Counseling from the same university in 2019. Her clinical training covers a wide range of areas including depression, anxiety, PTSD, relationship issues, substance and behavioral addictions, and spiritual issues.